Research & Development

Capabilities and Team

Working in the technology enabled water and sanitation sector since the past 8 years.

  • Experience as an aspirant partner for managing and implementing various field trial and research activities in sanitation for national, international universities and research organisations.
  • R&D – An expert team capable of handling Electronics, Mechanical, Software and Sanitation Developments and Research.
  • Wide service network connecting all over India by deploying efficient service engineers having experience in the field of science & technology.

New Product Development – R&D

  • Requirement Analysis, Feasibility Study, Product design and development (Electronics and Mechanical), Proto development, Testing and Evaluation, Production Support, Documentation.


  • Ensures transparency & accountability of operation & maintenance of eToilets.
  • Mapping and connecting all the eToilet units via web and mobile.
  • Monitor the operation and maintenance of e-Toilets even from remote locations.
  • Locate the nearest eToilet facility through Maps and eToilet Mobile application.
  • Provide feedback on the cleanliness and hygienic status of the eToilets.
  • View the status of the eToilet unit and may rate or review the facilities through the Mobile App.

Sanitation Research

  • Sanitation research and development for sustainable sanitation models
  • Experience in working as a field trial partner for national and international universities and research organizations in India

Electronics Research and Development

  • Micro controllers and Embedded System.
  • Digital and Analog circuit and PCB design.
  • Firmware development in C, Linux and Assembly Language.
  • Testing and Validation of electronic systems.

Internet of Things (IoT)

  • Design and Development of IoT based solutions
  • Software, Web/Mobile application based IoT monitoring and controlling solutions
  • Experience in designing and implementing IoT based solution across the country

Mechanical Design and Development

  • Mechanical concept design, Product development, CAD drawings design and development, Proto Typing, Integration, Testing and Evaluation, Fabrication support.

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