24/7 Support Services

Support Services

Eram Scientific Solutions P(Ltd) is having a dynamic support service centre having Call center facility, Technical support, and various feedback mechanisms for supporting the Customers as well as the end-users of the technological hygienic sanitation facility.

Customer care 24/7 support

Our Support facilitation number 09747017800, addresses instantly, provides assistance, proper instructions on how to use, and allocates assistance upon requisite. Customers as well as the Users can call and register complaints to the 24/7 support facility. Call center number is displayed at both inside and outside of e-Toilet.

Maintenance Support after warranty

Our service support extends even after the warranty period of the product by providing a comprehensive Annual Maintenance plan for the upkeep of e-Toilet unit, which includes Technical Support, Spare replacement, Web Support & Insurance.

Technical Support

Technical assistance is provided for the units by deploying service engineers at field to avoid unit downtime. With our online support mechanism, down time of the unit could be monitored and can allocate technicians onsite for rectifying the technical issues of the unit.

Spare Replacement

Repairs and maintenance of the machine and its spare parts or components or its replacement due to normal wear and tear or mal functioning will be taken care of.

Web Support

An online portal is provided for customers for monitoring the transaction and usage health status of the units installed so far. Using this portal the Customer can monitor their units’ status and suggest their remarks for improvisations and register complaints.

Insurance for e-Toilet

Our eToilets are insured in which natural calamities are covered, excluding vandalism and theft.


Unique e-feedback facilities offered by ESS

  • A quick response system for instantaneous reporting
  • A unique feedback system offered to public
  • Required a smart phone and Code reader facility
  • Provision for informing the hygienic condition, suggestion / remarks, requirements.
  • Facility for uploading a picture of e-Toilet unit.
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